Australia Power Control Systems is a diverse company originally specialising in sophisticated software systems to manage electronics and machinery of all shapes and sizes. Over the past 15 years APCS has broadened it's horizons and while keeping up with technology the company has found itself heavily involved in the Internet industry. APCS and has gone onto become a successful wholesale Internet provider with over 100 Australian based ISP's using our user management software (EzyISP) and wholesale infrastructure to run successful businesses of their own.

Our team of skilled engineers are constantly developing new software and solutions and should you require a custom solution for your company then please contact us so we can provide you with the answers you need.


APCS provides an all in one solution for entrepreneurs, businesses, and existing ISP's looking to benefit or already benefiting from the ISP industry. Using our solution, we can expand your current network, or provide you with the ability to become a virtual ISP without  the need for expensive equipment. APCS provides access to the largest networks in the industry utilising the best equipment available.


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EzyPayments is a payment gateway service allowing you to accept online credit card payments in real time.

With EzyPayments you can accept secure online and mail order credit card payments as well as BPAY. Automate and grow your business online by processing credit card transactions 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Our payment Gateway supports the complex payment processing requirements of the largest organisations. Our payment gateway can be established at a fraction of the cost of any in-house development.



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Wholesale ISP Services - Wholesale Internet Provider

APCS' daughter company Wholesale Internet Provider provides wholesale access to Internet Service Providers

You purchase the services from us at our wholesale rates and sell them to your endusers at your own retail rates. Our company is transparent to your customers and they will never know that we exist allowing you to fully brand your services.