We provide and build the latest technologies to help our clients scale their business and remain competitive into the future.

With a diverse range of experience in the IT and Communications industry, the team at APCS have the knowledge and experience to help your business succeed in the digital age - remaining competitive into the future, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

As a Wholesale ISP. we have a diverse mix of peering capabilites with PoPs in a number of major Australian data centres. Our EzyISP system is used by over one hundred Australian ISPs and hosting providers to manage their services and billing. As experts in Networking, we have an experience with a wide range of vendors and the latest routing technologies. We design networks with redundancy and reliability in mind, while keeping cost effectiveness in check. Our 24x7 Network Operations Centre can monitor your core infrastructure to ensure issues are identified and responded to promptly.

We're connecting the Asia Pacific using the latest fiber optic technology, providing Sub-Sea Project Management to a number of clients. We also provide IT Management services with experience across a range of vendors and technologies. With custom software developed around your specific business needs, we can automate your common business processes - returning a positive Return on Investment while increasing accuracy and customer satisfaction and eliminating manual tasks.

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With over 50 years experience in the Telecommunications, Software Development and IT industry, our team have the experience to help your business remain competitive into the future.

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